American recording artist, songwriter, rapper actor, Chris Landry. Born in Houston, Texas on May 13, 1998 and at an early age moved to Baytown, about 15 minutes outside of Houston. He was raised in the area known as Northwood (919) and has been writing and recording his own music since the age of 14. His career was off to a great start as he went on to release his first single, “House Party.” Later hr released his first major project in 2012 titled, “Just a Kid with a Dream” including his infamous single, “She Diggin Me.” As his fanbase increased Landry released his first notable mixtape on January 31, 2014 titled, “Skyscrappers” where he collaborated with artists such as Bobby Valentino, Young Dro, Torey Lanes and Domani Harris. After gaining attention from labels, Landry signed his first crucial contract in 2016 with Black Kings Entertainment, which was managed by Chris McCain and Keenan Allen.

At the same time Landry’s career was kick starting it was put on an abrupt halt after he was arrested in March of 2018 being hit with charges, possession with intent to distribute and murder. He was cleared of the murder charge and put on house arrest being supervised with an ankle monitor for a short period and is currently serving probation time for the drug charges.

At such a young age, Chris has an interesting story to tell full of pain, challenges and growth which resonates through his lyrics and music in hopes to identify with other young men in his position. He hopes to help them realize they are not alone in a world that may seem like it’s full of darkness, and desires to be an aspiration for others.

Since his setback in 2018 Chris has only been able to release one single in 2019 titled, “Thug Love”, and is on track to drop his newly anticipated EP, “Life I Chose” on February 10, 2020. While working on his EP he has performed as opening acts for Future, J. Cole, NBA Youngboy, 2Chainz, Quando Rondo, Mindless Behavior, Jacob Latimore and Diggy. One of Landry’s highlights of 2019 was being added to open for Jack Harlow for three shows in the state of Texas including cities Houston, Dallas and Austin. Landry is currently unsigned but is believed to be the next rising rap star. Despite having some bumps in the road in his music journey Landry has managed to keep himself relevant in the rap industry that is known to be full of many “one hit wonders.”